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High Point Trophy Results

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We hosted our meet this last weekend and we would like to thank all the parents, grandparents and friends that assisted us at the meet. We very much appreciate all the help. We could not have run the meet without you! We have received many compliments on the organization, food, and courtesies shown during the meet. Again thank you so very much to everyone.

This was our first long course meet of the season. For some of our swimmers, it was the first time in a long course (50 meter) pool. I am very proud of all of our swimmers! We had 24 brand new swims at this meet and 33 personal best times. Jonah Shelton, Emily Hand and Isaish Tiner had the biggest overall time drops from last season’s times. Every swimmer had at least one personal best time. Congratulations swimmers!! We had two swimmers that were in the running for their age group high point trophy and were second overall – Mia Forconi in the 8&U Girls and Brandon Hamisch in the 9-10 Boys. We are very proud of all our swimmers! We have attached the meet results for the team. Great job swimmers!

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Jonah Shelton had the most personal best time swims of everyone at the meet. Jonah swam six personal best times over the two days he was there. Great job Jonah! Mia Forconi had personal best times in her two events that she swam and Catherine Hamisch also had two personal best times. Brandon Hamisch, Josh Holt, Amanda Pollakis, and Noah Westbrook all had one personal best time at the meet. Great job swimmers. The meet results by individual are attached.

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Our next swim meet is at the CCISD Natatorium. If you have not already registered with your coach, please do so asap. The meet information is attached. If you have any questions, please get with your coach. Have a great day!

Attached please find the information that we have received for the swim meet this weekend.

Streamline Aquatics is pleased to host our annual SASA Sombrero Championship Meet, 29-31 March 2019. Heat Sheets will be printed on Wednesday evening so it is important that you comply with all of the deadlines listed below.

As a reminder, the 1650 Free, 400 IM, and 500 Free will be swum as mixed gender events, seeded by time. Positive check-in is required as follows: 1650 Free by 6:30pm on Friday, 400 IM by 10:30am on Saturday, and 500 Free by 10:30am on Sunday. All Events are timed finals swum fastest to slowest.

As a general recap, this meet will follow the same protocol utilized for the past several years. Most attending teams, parents, and athletes have participated in meets hosted at UIW and already are familiar with our meet protocol.

For new teams, parents and swimmers attending the meet, this is a little different setup than the norm, so we need the coaches’ support in promoting the benefits of this style meet and educating all of your parents and swimmers on the procedures.

Due to limited seating and deck space, spectators will not be allowed to sit inside the natatorium. Please let your parents know they will need to bring their own chairs, blankets, etc. for use in the parking lot and on the lawn in front of the natatorium. Teams and parents are welcome to bring pop-up tents to set up in the parking lot on the east side of the Natatorium.

There will be a score board on the front steps, where we post the events currently swimming, so that everyone can keep track of the events. Also, barring any internet connection glitches, both MeetBop and Meet Mobile apps (available on ITunes and Google) should be active for this meet.

Coaches will need to prepare both their swimmers and the parents, as to how far in advance of events swimmers need to plan to enter the natatorium for their pre-race warm-up.

All spectators should enter and exit via the stairwell on the east side of the natatorium, which is to your right upon entering the building. There is an elevator to the left of the stairs that may be used. Spectators with special needs/disabilities need to contact me to gain permission to remain on the deck area during the course of the meet.

All swimmers will enter and exit the natatorium using the west side stair well on the office side of the pool. In an effort to keep the “Spectator Stairwell” as dry as possible, we request that all swimmers, (especially if they are wet) enter and exit the natatorium using the west side stair well on the office side of the pool. The door leading to the west stairwell will be “unlocked” but due to the building fire code the door may not be left propped open.

REMINDER: Steps and floors in the natatorium become quite slick when they are wet. Please ask both your parents and swimmers to use the hand rails on the stairs and remind your swimmers to walk – NOT RUN, and to be sure to dry off prior to departing the pool deck.

Once inside the natatorium, there will be spectator “standing room only” on the East side and the South end of the pool. This will allow each spectator to have the best view of their swimmer’s race. After their child swims, spectators should leave the pool deck to make room for the next race spectators. Of course, all parents, who volunteer to time, will have a front row seat. Just saying!

The bleachers will be reserved for swimmers use only. Swimmers will be allowed to use the bleachers in the pool area for pre-race warm up, immediately preceding their events and for their cool down after their race.

Concessions and Heat Sheets will be for sale upstairs on the east side of the Natatorium.

The approximate time line for each session is:

*Friday PM – 6:00 PM to 7:56 PM

*Saturday AM – 10:00 AM to 2:18 PM

*Sunday AM – 10:00 PM to 1:10 PM

Entries for meet:

Mia Forconi (8) CCAA-ST

  1. 19A Girls 10 & Under 50 Back 1:01.50Y
  2. 25A Girls 10 & Under 50 Free 51.70Y

Catherine Hamisch (13) CCAA-ST

  1. 39C Girls 13-14 100 Free 1:19.58Y
  2. 41C Girls 13-14 200 Breast 3:22.10Y
  3. 45C Girls 13-14 100 Back 1:41.10L

Amanda Pollakis (16) CCAA-ST

  1. 17D Girls 15 & Over 200 Free 2:29.17Y
  2. 21D Girls 15 & Over 100 Breast 1:27.34Y
  3. 25D Girls 15 & Over 50 Free 30.20Y
  4. 27D Girls 15 & Over 100 IM 1:29.57Y

Tidre Tiner (16) CCAA-ST

  1. 17D Girls 15 & Over 200 Free 2:45.94Y
  2. 21D Girls 15 & Over 100 Breast 1:32.00Y
  3. 25D Girls 15 & Over 50 Free 32.17Y

Brandon Hamisch (10) CCAA-ST

  1. 40A Boys 10 & Under 100 Free 1:23.31Y
  2. 44A Boys 10 & Under 50 Fly 51.63Y
  3. 46A Boys 10 & Under 100 Back 1:35.06Y
  4. 47B Boys 10 & Under 500 Free 7:36.20Y

Joshua Holt (17) CCAA-ST

  1. 2D Boys 15 & Over 100 Free 55.72Y
  2. 6D Boys 15 & Over 50 Back 32.15Y
  3. 18D Boys 15 & Over 200 Free 2:09.78Y
  4. 26D Boys 15 & Over 50 Free 24.77Y
  5. 30D Boys 15 & Over 100 Fly 1:07.68Y
  6. 38D Boys 15 & Over 50 Breast 38.16Y
  7. 44D Boys 15 & Over 50 Fly 27.83Y

Vincent Marshall (11) CCAA-ST

  1. 16B Boys 11-12 200 Free Relay A 1

Wesleigh Pool (11) CCAA-ST

  1. 16B Boys 11-12 200 Free Relay A 2

Jonah Shelton (11) CCAA-ST

  1. 16B Boys 11-12 200 Free Relay A 4
  2. 18B Boys 11-12 200 Free 2:47.84Y
  3. 22B Boys 11-12 100 Breast 1:41.04Y
  4. 26B Boys 11-12 50 Free 34.40Y
  5. 28B Boys 11-12 100 IM 1:46.89Y
  6. 38B Boys 11-12 50 Breast 54.97Y
  7. 40B Boys 11-12 100 Free 1:19.64Y
  8. 44B Boys 11-12 50 Fly 56.19Y
  9. 46B Boys 11-12 100 Back 1:36.70Y

Isaiah Tiner (11) CCAA-ST

  1. 16B Boys 11-12 200 Free Relay A 3
  2. 18B Boys 11-12 200 Free 3:58.86L
  3. 20B Boys 11-12 50 Back 49.79Y
  4. 26B Boys 11-12 50 Free 41.69Y

Noah Westbrook (9) CCAA-ST

  1. 20A Boys 10 & Under 50 Back 57.24Y
  2. 26A Boys 10 & Under 50 Free 46.07Y
  3. 40A Boys 10 & Under 100 Free 1:52.14Y
  4. 44A Boys 10 & Under 50 Fly 1:16.21Y

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