News and Announcements

For those swimmers attending the Sombrero Dos Swim Meet in San Antonio, please read the following:

We are responsible for one timer on Saturday for Events 12-15 in lane 8.

Warm up schedule is attached.

The Sombrero Dos Meet is overflowing this year – 500+ swimmers. We will be doing Fly-Over Starts at this meet. Please start practicing fly-over starts with your swimmers and make sure that your swimmers understand what is required.


We traditionally have the Sombrero Parade prior to the start of the Saturday session. Life Time Swim Team – LIFE – the Winner of Sombrero Uno will not be in attendance. Unfortunately their meet entries arrived after the meet was already full.

In place of the Sombrero Parade we are having a Team Spirit and Coach vs Swimmer Challenge. Start practice your team yells and chants to be ready to show your Team Spirit on deck Saturday Morning at 11:10 AM!

· Our special Coach vs Swimmer 50 Free Challenge Event will swim at 11:10 AM on Saturday Morning to be followed by your Team Spirit Chants and yells prior to the start of the Saturday Morning Session.

Please plan to have your team on deck to join in for this fun swim and team spirit challenge!


This meet will follow the same protocol utilized for the past several years. Most attending teams, parents, and athletes have participated in meets hosted at UIW and already are familiar with our meet protocol.

For new teams, parents and swimmers attending the meet, this is a little different setup than the norm, so we need all of the coaches’ support in promoting the benefits of this style meet and educating all of your parents and swimmers on the procedures.

Due to limited deck space, athletes and spectators will not be allowed to “sit inside” the natatorium. Please have your parents watch the weekend forecast and plan accordingly.

You should advise your parents that they will need to bring their own chairs, blankets, etc. for use in the parking lot and on the lawn in front of the natatorium. Teams and parents are welcome to bring pop-up tents to set up in the parking lot on the east side of the natatorium.

There will be a score board on the front steps, where we post the events currently swimming, so that everyone can keep track of the events. Also, barring any internet connection glitches, Meet Mobile (available on ITunes and Google) should be active for this meet. Coaches will need to prepare both their swimmers and the parents, as to how far in advance of events swimmers need to plan to enter the natatorium for their pre-race warm-up. · Please note that all 25’s will start at the South End of the Pool and swim towards the blocks. All other events will start at the blocks on the North End of the pool.

· Swimmers need to be behind the blocks prior to their races.
· Our time-line will not allow for any late swimmer arrivals!


All spectators should enter and exit via the stairwell on the east side of the natatorium, which is to your right upon entering the building. There is an elevator to the left of the stairs that may be used. Spectators with special needs/disabilities need to contact me to gain permission to remain on the deck area during the course of the meet.

All swimmers will enter and exit the natatorium using the west side stair well on the office side of the pool. In an effort to keep the “Spectator Stairwell” as dry as possible, we request that all swimmers, (especially if they are wet) enter and exit the natatorium using the west side stair well on the office side of the pool. The door leading to the west stairwell will be “unlocked” but due to the building fire code the door may not be left propped open.

REMINDER: Steps and floors in the natatorium become quite slick when they are wet. Please ask both your parents and swimmers to use the hand rails on the stairs and remind your swimmers to walk – NOT RUN, and to be sure to dry off prior to departing the pool deck.

Once inside the natatorium, there will be spectator “standing room only” on the East side and the South end of the pool. Please ask your team’s parents NOT to set up chairs in these areas! This will allow each spectator to have the best view of their swimmer’s race. After their child swims, spectators should leave the pool deck to make room for the next race spectators. Of course, all parents, who volunteer to time, will have a front row seat. Just saying! Our limited bleacher space will be reserved for swimmers use only. Swimmers will be allowed to use the bleachers in the pool area for pre-race warm up, immediately preceding their events and for their cool down after their race. Concessions will be for sale upstairs on the east side of the natatorium.

Heat Sheets will not be PRINTED and SOLD at the meet. Prior to the meet, Heat Sheets will be available on the SASA website:

located under the Hosted Meets Tab.

Please remind everyone on your team that if they want a Heat Sheet they will need to print one off and bring it to the meet, coaches included. Target date for posting heat sheets is by close of business on Wednesday, November 6th.

The approximate time line for each session is as follows:

Friday PM – Coaches Meeting 6:00 PM to 6:10 PM – Meet Session 6:10 PM to 8:45 PM

Saturday AM – Event 11A 11:10 AM – Coaches Meeting 11:15 to 11:25 AM – Meet Session 11:30 AM to 4:05 PM

Sunday AM – Coaches Meeting 11:00 to 11:10 AM – Meet Session 11:15 AM to 3:10 PM

The document sombrero_warm_up_nov_2019.pdf was attached to this post.

At our South Texas Swimming House of Delegates meeting held this last Saturday in Corpus Christi, Sarah Lee Sang was elected to the South Texas Swimming (STS) Administrative Review Board as an athlete member. The STS Administrative Review Board hears any monetary issues that come up between teams within our LSC – South Texas Swimming. Sarah was competing against three other San Antonio swimmers and she received the highest number of votes! Congratulations Sarah! We are proud of you!

The Sombrero Dos Meet in San Antonio will be held November 8-10, 2019. We have attached the meet information. Since the meet starts earlier on Friday that we are able to get the swimmers out of school and to the swim meet, we usually do not have any entries on the Friday swim meet. If you wish for your swimmer to be entered in the meet, please send your entries to your coach by October 20th. If you have any questions, please ask your coach.

The document 1182248_2019_SASA_Sombrero_Dos_sanctionedR1.pdf was attached to this post.

Our next meet is the October Spooktacular Swim Meet that we host at the CCISD Natatorium. We are in the process of completing all the entries for the meet. If you have not sent your meet entries to your coach, please do so asap.

Here are the 7 Cardinal Sins of Mindset in Swimming and Diving:

1. Indifference/Apathy – There’s no room for these feelings if you want to develop your skills and improve your performance. Always put in 110%.

2. Stubbornness – Being stubborn leads to being uncoachable, which leads to being unsuccessful. Be open-minded and you might be exposed to a new skill or technique that you would’ve otherwise ignored.

3. Pride – It’s ok to be confident in yourself, but don’t let that confidence make you be obnoxious or prideful. Being prideful will lead to silly mistakes and potential embarrassment.

4. Self-Doubt – It’s easy to be overly critical toward yourself. Just focus on the positive things about yourself.

5. Cautiousness – If you’re too hesitant, you miss out on key opportunities and leave room for the other athletes to close the gap. Be a little risky.

6. Perfectionism – Be careful when setting goals because you don’t want to force high expectations on yourself. It’s ok to make mistakes and to continually work on being a better athlete. Michael Phelps stated, “I knew I was not a failure in any way, and so did those close to me. It doesn’t matter if you fall short; it is never a failure to go after goals with everything you’ve got.” Mistakes are going to happen, they should be viewed as a source of motivation and a means of learning. Plus, once you’re a “perfect” athlete, it’ll become boring!

7. Over-seriousness – You should compete because you like it and you enjoy it. If you take it too seriously, you lose some of the enjoyment and add extra stress on yourself. At times like this, try to remember why you started swimming or diving in the first place.