10 Mental Mistakes Swimming and Diving Athletes Make (and Corrections) from

1. Getting involved in the hype by reading the papers and/or looking up your stats. After your season is over, then you can check this stuff out. During the season, focus on always improving.

2. Associating with negative people. They will slow you down and taint your progress during the season. Keep your distance from them.

3. Making any particular event or meet “special.” All competitions and practices are important, but nothing is ever special. Special adds pressure. Treat everything the same to stay consistent.

4. Believing ANY opponent you face is unbeatable. There are countless examples of the underdog succeeding – David and Goliath, The Movie “Miracle”, etc. It’s possible for you too.

5. Getting hung on the past or worrying about the future. Only worry about the present and how you can do your best at this moment.

6. Under any circumstances using the word CAN’T. Don’t ever say that word!

7. Dwelling on a setback or loss. The best way to get over a loss is to learn from it. Grow from the mistake and use it to your advantage.

8. Focusing exclusively on winning or titles. Also note when you reach new milestones or personal achievements – they are important too!

9. Competing not to lose. Not losing shouldn’t be your goal – always play to win and achieve your goals.

10. Using extreme self-talk that puts extra pressure on you. Don’t use words like “must,” “should,” or “need to.” Instead, say “I want” and “I choose.”

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